Saunatec is the market leader and has the most complete line of saunas, steambath products and infrared heat therapy rooms. Saunatec is the largest sauna and steambath company in the world - which has a history dating to 1919 when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland.

Whether you use a sauna to detoxify or use it to simply get away and relax, let Saunatec help you decide which heat bathing style or product might best fit into your lifestyle.

Saunatec Sauna
Harbour Saunas

Harbour saunas are manufactured by using cutting edge technologies in the sauna industry with the highest quality materials.

All Harbour Saunas built with superior carbon panels that provide even heat distribution and multi-colored mood lights with white spot lights throughout the sauna. All units have tempered safety glass, doors and windows for your safety. Digital controls give full use of temperature, time and lights. An AM/FM/CD/Mp3 stereo system is included with speakers and remote to provide the best in sound. Plus, all saunas come with prefabricated panels to make for a quick and simple setup at your location.

With knowledgeable sales staff and great all-around customer service, let us help you find the sauna that best suits your needs! We have a wide variety of saunas to choose from, including single person units up to four person corner units.

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